Cloud formation and precipitation essay

Cloud essay clouds clouds are made up of small droplets of water or ice crystals clouds form when these tiny droplets condense together to create a cloud there are many differnt types of clouds, but the main types are cirrus, stratus, and alto clouds. Into cloud masses, and the return of water to the surface as precipitation the major topics to discuss when talking about clouds are types/levels, formation,. Cloud types and precipitation there are ten main cloud types, which are further divided into 27 sub-types according to their height shape, colour and associated weather, clouds are categorised as low (from the earth's surface to 25 km), middle (25 to 6 km), or high (above 6 km.

Free essay on highland climates (h) windward slopes force the incoming air to rise up with the resultant condensation, cloud formation and precipitation here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge. Buy cheap cloud formation and precipitation essay vertical movement plays a key role in the formation of clouds and for precipitation to take place a vertical movement creates an environment that allows air to rise at a rate that will allow cooling to take place. Earth science discussion why is the vertical movement of air critical to the formulation of clouds and precipitation clouds are categorized into four families: middle clouds, high clouds, clouds of vertical development and low clouds. The heavier precipitating clouds, nimbostratus, towering cumulus (cumulus congestus), and cumulonimbus typically see the formation in precipitation of the pannus feature, low ragged clouds of the genera and species cumulus fractus or stratus fractus.

Cooling, condensation and cloud formation is the start of the process which results in precipitation but not all clouds will produce raindrops or snowflakes many are so short-lived and small that there are no opportunities for precipitation mechanisms to start. Cloud formation and precipitation essay the chance of cloud formation and the resulting precipation is dependent on the sum of h2o that is in the air ( wisconsin ) the procedure of raising besides termed as adiabatic chilling is the most frequent mode for cloud formation ( wisconsin ) an adiabatic temperature alteration is when a. G109: weather and climate clouds & precipitation topics 1 importance of clouds 2 achieving saturation 3 cloud classification 4 cloud formation 5. Cloud formation depends upon this instability and the rising of a warm air parcel, air that has a temperature and/or pressure different from the surrounding air think of a parcel of air like a.

This essay begins by defining the word formation processes focusing on seven main, commonly used processes with examples of how they are used to create or change words in modern day society it then identifies the use of these processes in the creation of new words through the internet. Complete the analogy below rainfall is to precipitation as cloud formation is to _____ - 1370071. This condensation (cloud formation) happens when warm and cold air meet, when warm air rises up the side of a mountain and cools as it rises, and when warm air flows over a colder area, like a cool body of water. The duration of the precipitation varies and depends on the following factors: the size of the base area, the speed of the cloud, and the rate of further development of the cloud at the rear, if any such development is true for all cloud types that produce precipitation.

Clouds are formed when moist, warm air rises and expands in the atmosphere the rising water vapor condenses and forms small water droplets which make up the clouds when the water vapor cools, the low temperature of air lowers its capacity to hold water vapor cloud formation involves a series of. Cloud seeding can assist nature in the formation of precipitation, with appropriate types and numbers of nuclei at the proper times and places cloud seeding projects have been carried out in over 20 countries. That leads to cloud formation is quite different from that associ- dry adiabatic lapse rate and the lower, postcondensation rate precipitation occurs when the droplets of water, ice, or frozen water vapor grow and develop masses too great to be held aloft. One study has found that changing levels of air pollution cause different rates of cloud formation (and rain) on weekends and weekdays, at least in humid climates with lots of cities.

Give a basic definition for a cloud and state what must be present for condensation to take place during the formation of clouds giving examples 8 ab essay - clouds uploaded by chapter 6_ phase 1-clouds & precipitation lecture notespdf uploaded by gordon ferkin intro-navigationpdf uploaded by. Acid rain formation the formation of acid rain occurs when particular gasses are dissolved into rainwater which in turn creates acids when precipitation is caught up in clouds, potent gasses are capable of polluting the rainwater causing it to become extremely acidic.

The clouds get heavy and water falls back to the earth in the form of rain, hail, sleet or snow collection: when water falls back to earth as precipitation, it may fall back in the oceans, lakes or rivers or it may end up on land. Formation of an occluded front : natsc 003 weather and climate 14 formation of an occluded front stationary and moving fronts : natsc 003 weather and climate 15 stationary and moving fronts stationary front occurs when the boundary between a cold air mass and a warm air mass is not moving. Adiabatic processes are key in cloud formation, which is essential for precipitation the two main theories currently accepted as principally responsible for producing precipitation particles are the bergeron/ice-crystal process and the collision-coalescence process.

cloud formation and precipitation essay Clouds made up exclusively of liquid droplets can generate precipitation only when they contain droplets larger than 20 micrometers for the formation of these large droplets ‘giant’ condensation nuclei are required.
Cloud formation and precipitation essay
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