A dialogue between jesus and a buddhist disciple

a dialogue between jesus and a buddhist disciple Jesus was not just a savior, but he was also a friend, a teacher, and mentor that walked with his disciples for three years during this time they saw jesus face almost every situation imaginable.

Bridging buddhist christian worldviews bantoon 2007 “a study of the dialogue between christianity and theravāda buddhism in thailand as represented by buddhist and christian writings from thailand in the period 1950 – 2000” this article is a brief guide for the disciple who might interest to spread “our good news as good. This dialogue aims to shed light on the common ground between buddhism and christianity [53] [54] [55] although the prevalent romantic view on buddhism sees it as an authentic and ancient practice, contemporary buddhism is deeply influenced by the western culture. A dialogue between the dalai lama and father laurence reveals deep resonances between the buddhist and christian experiences of the ongoing life of their founders within the present-day community buddha shakyamuni was a historical figure—he existed at a particular time and in a particular space, context, and environment—and his final.

Buddhist-christian dialogue as a new approach that would truly respect each religious tradition’s uniqueness and make dialogue beneficial for all participants interested in a real theological exchange. A christian dialogue with buddhist teachings on the centrality of, and the relationship between, wisdom and compassion can help christians grasp what it is in the rule of god that we “seek first. In their recent book, the original jesus, elman gruber and holger kersten go even further and argue that the story of jesus’ virgin birth was borrowed from a buddhist source that claimed the same kind of supernatural origin for buddha 3 this is unlikely first, this view overlooks significant differences between the two accounts. For a better understanding of the differences between buddhist and christian prayer, you may also want to read the book by augustine ichiro okumura, ocd (served as consultor for the pontifical council on inter-religious dialogue) entitled awakening to prayer which is available through ics publications in washington dc.

This was an interesting compare and contrast between the fundamental tenets of christianity and buddhism, delivered in the form of a conversation between jesus and buddha, as each attempt to offer solace to a recently deceased prostitute. The most important encouragement to our liberal tradition from buddhist christian dialogue is the process of dialogue itself the process of dialogue is a central article of uu faith and practice. If jesus were, in fact, a disciple of buddha, then his teachings would merely be an extension of buddhism this is not the case at all, though, as the teachings of jesus are completely original and quite distinct from all other teachings about god. To sum up all that we’ve discussed, i feel there is tremendous convergence and a potential for mutual enrichment through dialogue between the buddhist and christian traditions, especially in the areas of ethics and spiritual practice, such as the practices of compassion, love, meditation, and the enhancement of tolerance.

Speculation of a link between christianity and buddhism first arose as a result of the translation of buddhist texts into european languages during the british colonisation of india similarity in the stories of the births and lives of jesus and buddha were immediately apparent to scholars. Is buddhism atheistic what is the relationship between buddhism and christianity many of the numerous lives of buddha were spent as divine beings yet, like so many religions that do not subscribe to the typical theology of other cultures, it is claimed of buddhism that it is atheistic. A willingness to appreciate jesus of nazareth can be a bridge of dialogue with our christian neighbors this is the greatness of what unitarian universalism can be people pursuing universal truth free from the restrictions of culture and tradition but bound together in mutual respect sharing the truths we have found together.

Some high level buddhists have drawn analogies between jesus and buddhism, there are inherent and fundamental differences between buddhism and christianity, thich nhat hanh and the dalai lama have taken part in an interfaith dialogue about buddhism and christianity. In that dialogue jesus had tried to open up the understanding of their minds towards what was really the form and substance of life in fact, he had a brilliant lead-in, had they but listened evidently the disciples missed his point. When jesus met buddha while the christian dialogue with islam has attracted most of the headlines, it is the encounters with hinduism and especially buddhism that have stirred the most controversy within the church sri lankan theologians aloysius pieris and tissa balasuriya have had many run-ins with vatican critics, and, more.

Aloysius pieris, sj, founder-director of the tulana research center for encounter and dialogue in kelaniya, sri lanka, is an internationally renowned theologian, buddhist scholar, and indologist he received his thd from the catholic theological faculty in tilburg, the netherlands, and his phd in buddhist studies from the pali and buddhist university of sri lanka in colombo. One advancing the buddha argument could point to areas where teachings attributed to jesus conflict with buddhist beliefs and argue that, given the religious and social climate he lived in, christ was simply presenting the dharma in a more acceptable/understandable way. The master said, “a true disciple of jesus in christianity will know what i am doing, and a true and intimate disciple of mine in this order will also know what jesus did one who does not see the truth feels like an apostate, estranged from each religion and hostile to other religions.

Preface the following story is a fictional depiction of a dialogue between jesus christ (or yeshua for his hebrew name) and a buddhist monk, while jesus was on a trip to asia during his ‘teen’ years. (2) jesus was married to mary magdalene who was the disciple whom jesus loved (3) that mary magdalene played a larger role in early christian history than previously thought she was considered an apostle of christ and was the author of the gospel of john. The goal of buddhism is to achieve liberation from this cycle of birth and rebirth the buddhist view of life in this world is summarized in what is called the four noble truthsthey are (1) this world is a world of suffering. Jesus through buddhist eyes ajahn candasiri is a senior nun at the amaravati buddhist monastery in hertfordshire in order to see this content you need to have both javascript enabled and flash.

a dialogue between jesus and a buddhist disciple Jesus was not just a savior, but he was also a friend, a teacher, and mentor that walked with his disciples for three years during this time they saw jesus face almost every situation imaginable. a dialogue between jesus and a buddhist disciple Jesus was not just a savior, but he was also a friend, a teacher, and mentor that walked with his disciples for three years during this time they saw jesus face almost every situation imaginable.
A dialogue between jesus and a buddhist disciple
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